I want to make the pieces people use everyday.


“Pottery is both a nurturing and humbling medium to work with.  It allows me to push the limits yet reminds me every time I've taken it too far.  It’s so flattering for me to hear that one of my pots is ‘your favorite’.  I want to make the cup you use every morning to start your day, or the bowl that you chose to serve your family a home cooked meal, the small tumbler that toasts your special day or achievement.  I think it’s important to be surrounded by unique and beautiful things, it reminds us how sweet life can be in a world of chaos.” 

My ceramic work combines form with function.  Concentrating on creating beautiful and innovative wares for everyday use.  I like to focus on pushing the envelope on everyday tableware and other decorative items for your home.  During my creative process I am constantly thinking about surface applications that will flow cohesivly with certain glazes to represent inspiration that I draw from living on St John USVI, or from some of my other travels around the world.  Purposely, I alter my forms to create an intimate experience for people and my pots.  Feeling a thumb print here, or an indention there helps people identify that a person made this, gave some extra time and thought about how one might interact with this piece, how something just a little extra was given into making it comfortable, stunning household favorite.


Casey Giakas


PO Box 37
St John, USVI 00831-0037

casey.giakas@gmail.com or      potteryinparadise@gmail.com